My Approach

My approach to helping you and your business follows some fundamental principles. I am by nature disciplined and organised, while also being open and flexible in my engagement with you.

There are a number of features common to the way I work:


Possibly the most important step in the process. I always begin by hearing what you and your people want to say. I’m good at conversation: asking questions and prompting people to share their views, concerns, and ideas.


I love to know all the right data. I root out the key information that you have internally, and I acquire relevant external intelligence to provide benchmarks and market context.

Analysing & Summarizing

I collate all of the inputs and identify common themes, which I then distil into an objective summary of the current position and potential.


I set up forums with you and your teams to enable us together to come up with preferred solutions. This collaborative approach guarantees that you harness the best ideas, build consensus and committment, and inspire leaders.


What you agree to do must be clearly documented to ensure comprehensive understanding and to create your agenda for action.


The final most important step is to devise the most effective ways for you to share your vision and plans with everyone who ought to know.

I hope that this all sounds like common sense. If so, then we’re already agreed on the approach!

Contact Me

Douglas Schatz
Managing Director
Maple Leaf Consultants

Tel: +44 (0) 7540 530 754
Skype: dougschatz