There are a number of specific areas where my expertise may be able to help you to achieve your goals.

Strategic Planning,  People ,  Change , Brand , Marketing , Projects

I have created strategic plans for my businesses many times, and have a tried and tested process for reviewing your business’s current position and defining its future direction. The process includes both market research and working with you and your colleagues in a collaborative way to identify the issues and opportunities. Most importantly I help you to confirm and document your goals and your strategic actions, and then to share those with all of your people to ensure complete commitment.

At the heart of any business opportunity or challenge is your people, by which I mean both their individual talents and aspirations, as well as the overall organisation they belong to. I can help to map the optimum organisational structure, identify key resource and skill requirements, review and build the most effective leadership team, establish best HR practices, and most importantly create the appropriate culture to inspire your people to be committed to your common cause and to realize their individual potential. The key is to commit to collective codes of behaviour based on openness, trust, collaboration and accountability. Only by trusting and empowering  your people will you be able to secure their commitment and thereby achieve more together.

Is your business about to go through a significant change that will disrupt the way people currently do their jobs? People are naturally wary of change and despite the logic of your rationale and your best intentions they may not be happy to go along with you. There are principles that you can follow, however, to make change a positive process. I have been through such changes, and helped lead them by applying best practice planning. I can help you chart your way through change so that it is ultimately an energizing and unifying experience.

We talk easily about the power of branding, and believe that there is value in its identity for our business and for our customers. But how clearly have we defined its unique meaning? Do you know how your customers would describe your brand? What is its emotional promise to your customers? Are you consistent about its application in every element of your communications? Have you exploited it to its full potential? Do your people feel that the brand values you promote externally apply internally to the way you all work?

I have worked with some wonderful brands and appreciate the power they have to create real value for your business and your people. I can help you to maximize the positive potential of your brand.

Marketing covers a huge range of activity for your business, and requires knowledge of an ever-widening array of specialist tactics and tools. Fast-evolving digital platforms offer new channels to earn revenue, to create and promote products and to enagage directly with your customers. I have experience working for and with companies with multi-media products and distribution, and I can help you to create and coordinate your marketing plans and to develop and deliver promotions through specific media.

I’m very happy to roll our sleeves up and get stuck in to managing specific projects for you. Indeed, if you are already clear about your direction and simply need some extra qualified resource to help you lead a particular project, then we can help. We are systematic and disciplined in our work, and especially good at communicating so that you and your project teams will all know why, how, who, and when we’ll be doing what we do together.