clear strategy and great teams

I am an experienced leader who has first-hand knowledge of running and advising small and medium size companies.

I can help you to sharpen your strategy, optimise your operations, and most importantly to build a great team and a collaborative culture that will deliver positive change and growth.

About Me

Turnarounds – Fixing an ailing business




When I speak about my time as Managing Director at Samuel French I often use the shorthand that I was leading a “turnaround” of that business. The company wasn’t in fact about to go under, so according to strict definitions our situation was actually more of a “realignment”. The distinction, however, is simply one of the degree of danger. Many of the same principles apply in seeking to radically improve your business’s fortunes and future. Indeed the thinking and process of leading a turnaround is a sound approach for management to take at any stage of a company’s life. I’ve drafted a few key points to leading a turnaround in my recent blog post: Turnarounds

If you’d like to turn around your business in any way, I’d be happy to help you at any stage of your journey. Contact Me.


Building Great Teams

You cannot deliver the strategy for your business unless you have the right organisation, the right people and most importantly the right culture of engagement and collaboration.

It is a cliche of course, but I have learned over many years in managing businesses that the well-being of your people is the number one priority of leadership, and the essential ingredient of performance.

I believe that I can help you to define the appropriate organisational structure, to build a truly effective leadership team, and to create a complete culture that ensures that everyone who works with you is excited to be part of your vision and company.

Achieving all of this depends on everyone committing to principles of openness, trust, collaboration and accountability. It sounds obvious, but it’s not easy. When you get it right, it not only makes it a joy to work with your team, but you also achieve outstanding results together.

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Relaunching Maple Leaf Consultants

I first launched myself as a consultant back in 2012 when I had the opportunity to go into a specialist publishing company on the invitation of the CEO to help him propel his business into a new phase of growth. I wrote this blog at the time to describe my excitement in realising that with my experience I could help them to improve their business.

In 2013 I was invited by the president of Samuel French, the specialist theatrical company, to provide some advice on their retail business. I discovered a company with a fantastic brand and history, but whose market share and financial performance had been declining, and whose organisation and culture were simply not fit to compete in their market. This offered a wonderful opportunity to help! I have spent the past six years leading the modernisation and turnaround of Samuel French’s fortunes in the UK. I was part of an exciting global project to rejuvenate the the long-established business and the result was a lucrative sale of the business earlier this year. 

This rewarding experience strengthened my belief that I can help companies to realise their potential. I have learned the most important ways to deliver performance: clear strategies and great teams. I have seen how creating an open and collaborative culture is essential to success. I am certain that there are others who could learn these things. Maple Leaf Consultants was reborn!


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