About Maple Leaf Consultants

Maple Leaf Consultants was founded by Douglas Schatz to help small and medium size companies to develop their business. There are so many ways that you may wish to expand and improve your business if only you had the time, resource or even expertise to do so. We believe that we can offer businesses like yours real value because we’ve been there ourselves, leading businesses that faced many of the challenges that you experience. We’ve also learned the benefits of occasionally using expert help from outside the company to pursue a particular goal or to resolve issues in a specific area of our business.

As leaders of SMEs you are responsible for the full gamut of business functions, and from our own experience we can say that it is almost impossible for you to know everything about everything or to do it all yourselves. Which is why our team offers expertise across a range of commercial functions, beginning with helping to set your overall strategy, as well as hands-on practical assistance on delivering improvement in your HR management, your marketing, or your digital activity.

We are a collection of experienced consultants who work both independently and together when by joining up we can offer you just the right expertise. We do not have fancy offices, or ongoing overheads to support, so we offer you the best possible value for your money. You are paying only for our expertise and time.

We pride ourselves on our ability to listen openly and carefully to your people as they describe your business, and we can work quickly to assimilate and analyse your information so that based on our range of experience we can present advice effectively and efficiently.

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And of course check out the range of Services that we can offer to see if any of it sounds like it might fit your business.

Please feel free to contact us anytime. We’re happy to come and talk to you without any initial obligation, because we’re sure that we’ll learn something from everyone we meet, and of course would love to have the chance to help.


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Managing Director
Maple Leaf Consultants

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