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Strategy, People, Operations

I have spent my career leading small to medium size businesses, where I have had responsibility for the full range of management functions. With this experience I am able to help senior leaders to review all aspects of your commercial activity, from setting and communicating a clear strategy and specific goals, to establishing the best organisational structure and resources, and creating and supporting effective teams and a collaborative culture. I am also able to help with nuts and bolts operational issues, including systems review and implementation, and property matters.

I have been fortunate to work for several, iconic cultural brands, so would be happy to help you to define brand identity and values.

I have worked in several specialist sectors in the book industry, as both a Publisher and a Retailer, so have a 360 degree understanding of the industry. I have also been the Chairman of a Digital start-up, and can apply this experience to similar new enterprises and innovative initiatives.

I have wide-ranging cultural interests and experience, including a passion for theatre, visual arts and travel. My commercial skills are transferable to any small to medium-size enterprise, where common principles and challenges apply.

You can find out more about my specific professional experience at About Me.

Best Practice, New Ideas, A Helping Hand

There are a number of ways that I can work with you to give you extra value: by taking an objective view of your business to ensure that you are doing things in the best possible way; by contributing innovative ideas to help create exciting new growth; or by simply lending an extra pair of professional hands to help propel a particular project forward.

Check out the range of My Services to further see if it sounds like my expertise might fit your business.

My work is based on my own experience of running businesses like you, and from learning the benefits of occasionally using expert help from outside the company. I pride myself on my ability to listen openly and carefully to your people as they describe your business, and I work quickly to assimilate and analyse your information so that I can provide assistance rapidly and effectively. Have a look at My Approach to learn more about the way I work.

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Douglas Schatz
Managing Director
Maple Leaf Consultants

Tel: +44 (0) 7540 530 754
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