Is your business about to go through a significant change that will disrupt the way people currently do their jobs? People are naturally wary of change and despite the logic of your rationale and your best intentions they may not always be happy to go along with you. There are principles that you can follow, however, to make change a positive process. We can help you chart your way through change so that it is ultimately an energizing and unifying experience.

There are common stages to most change processes from initial resistance to perceived threats, through exploration of potential improvements, to embracing new opportunities. This process can be unpredictable and requires flexible, open and patient leadership. It also requires good planning, and frequent and honest communication.

It is also important to recognise that we are not always in control of the agenda that brings change. Whether decisions are being taken by others which you have to implement, or it is your own vision of change that is required, the reactions of people are not always predictable.

We have been through organisational change ourselves, and we have helped lead it, and our learnings can help you to create a process and approach that minimizes the disruptions and pain that disorderly change can provoke. Indeed when it is managed well, change can actually be an opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and standing, and provide positive new direction for your people and your business.

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