We like to help businesses to determine their strategic direction and the specific steps they can then take to go forward. This approach can often generate new projects in areas that you choose to pursue, and we’re very happy to roll our sleeves up and get stuck in to managing specific projects for you.Indeed, if you are already clear about your direction and simply need some extra qualified resource to help you lead a particular project, then we can help.

We are systematic and disciplined in our work, and especially good at communicating so that you and your project teams will all know why, how, who, and when we’ll be doing what we do together. And most importantly, unlike internal project managers who often find themselves having to lead new projects at the same time or as part of their day-job, our entire focus will be on delivering the project result on time and budget because that is how you will judge the project and us a success.

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Managing Director
Maple Leaf Consultants

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