At the heart of any business opportunity or challenge is your people.

  • Have you the right organisational structure to best pursue your ambitions?
  • Are your people clear about their role in your plans?
  • Are they fully motivated to your cause?
  • Are they properly rewarded for their efforts and achievements?
  • Are they empowered to deliver to their full potential?
  • Are they properly trained or qualified to manage the responsibilities you give them?
  • Do they feel like they are continuing to learn and develop themselves as they work for you?
  • Are they dealing well with the stresses and strains of a busy working life?
  • Do they stay with you?
  • Does your business have a distinctive culture, and are you doing everything you can to sustain it?

If in answering any of these questions you think there may be room for improvement, we can help. We are absolutely certain that any costs that you think may be involved in improving the outlook of your people will be outweighed many times by the additional value that they can bring to your business when they can say **Yes** to the above.

How we can help with your people?

Organisational Structure
To help ensure you have the right resource in the right place to achieve your business goals.

Staff audits
To understand what your people currently think of your business and their part in it, including:

  • Surveying staff attitudes
  • Measuring staff retention
  • Remuneration and Reward – Often the most common area of staff concern, where clarity and fairness can be more important than the money

Review your current systems
Suggest options for improvement to structure, systems and benefits where appropriate
We will review your recruitment processes and recommend ways to improve it to make it easier to manage and more consistently successful in your selection.

Training & Development
We can identify your training needs and deliver programs to support them. We can also ensure that people’s individual development is embedded in your HR management and processes. Programs we can provide include:

Management Training Essentials, including:

  • Performance Management
  • Time Management
  • 121 interviews
  • Delegation
  • Motivating people
  • Appraisal Systems

Many companies have some form of appraisal system, but many also fail to consistently use it, or if you do, you and your people do not really believe that is effective. And yet when asked, everyone universally agrees that there is value in setting aside formal time for a manager and employee to review performance and development aspirations. We can help you create an appraisal system appropriate to your business, that is not an unnecessary overhead but a positive tool for improving overall performance and motivating individuals.

Leadership can be a lonely position, where you carry all of the responsibilities without peers to share with and support you. We provide training and executive coaching to help you define your role as leader, address specific business challenges, and to do your job with confidence.

One of the most effective tools for improving a business’s productivity is to improve the performance of its managers and leaders. One-to-one executive coaching gives individuals who hold key responsibilities in your organisation the most targeted training and support. It allows them to share specific business or personal challenges, and gives them the method and confidence to address these challenges. We have one of the best and most experienced coaches in the business who we can guarantee will help you and your business to perform better.

Communications and Culture
Possibly the most common single complaint people make about the company they work for is poor communication. While I know that we all try to communicate and may think that we are doing so, it is almost impossible to communicate too much. It is certainly easy to take communication, and in fact what you describe as your company culture, for granted. But they can be managed. We can recommend ways that you can create the most effective and efficient internal communications, and we can help you to better understand and define what your company’s culture is and how you can positively improve and sustain it.

With our professional experts we can provide you with professional guidance on the full range of HR policy. Small and medium size businesses often struggle to maintain their HR policy documentation and to stay up to date with necessary changes. Outsourcing HR policy advice can be a very cost-effective way to achieve professional standards in HR policy. We can undertake periodic project work to update your policies, and provide ongoing support for HR policy and issues as they arise.

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